Antique Treasure Pattern Obi Clutch


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This gorgeous clutch was created from an antique obi which is woven with the treasure pattern from the Taisho era (90 to 100 years old).  The lining is from a black obi which is also antique silk.

The treasure pattern has the money bag, scrolls, shippo, spice, a scale to weigh money.  There are seasonal flowers, the shippo pattern represents a happy ending, and the kikko pattern represents longevity.

I’ve also created a sling bag out of this fabric.  Antique Treasure Pattern Sling Bag

Approximate size: 10″x7″x2″ Size may vary slightly as each clutch is handmade.  Variation is no more than .5 inch.


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Dimensions 10 × 2 × 6 in


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