Mukai-tsurumaru Pattern Waist Bag


Fukuro Obi Waist Bag Cranes

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Our signature waist bag is hand made from vintage obi from the late mid-Showa era.

Mukai-tsurumaru pattern represents two cranes face-to-face with each other inside a circle frame. The crane frequently appears on wedding kimono as it represents hope, longevity and good fortune, because of its fabled life span of a thousand years. It also represents fidelity, as Japanese cranes are known to mate for life.

The “fukuro obi” is made with a fine silk brocade or tapestry. This bag is made from metallic and silk thread and is woven like a tapestry. The sides and back are make from reclaimed denim fabric. This unique waist bag can also be worn as a sling.

The waist bag is 7″ wide and 14″ long from ring to ring.